Combinatorics (Math 4707 and Math 4990), Fall 2017

Darij Grinberg (203B Vincent Hall)

Moodle sites:

Main resources:


Not yet available: my lecture notes (currently, the PDF just has references).

David Galvin's notes "Basic discrete mathematics". This is a rather nice set of notes that will have a lot of overlap with this class. Please mail for questions and comments (I am maintaining these notes currently).

Quick book references: Loehr (errata); Graham/Knuth/Patashnik (errata); Bogart; Bóna.

Basics on equivalence relations and equivalence classes: class materials by Melissa Lynn and by Jonathan Rogness (part 1 and part 2).

Extra notes: Why log and exp are inverse; Sandpiles with proofs (HW5 from 5707S17).

See Math 5707 from Spring 2017 for some graph theory, specifically lecture 9 for trees and their many definitions.

Blackboard writing from 4990 (only from the second half of the semester):

Homework and other problems:

A LaTeX template for those who want to write their solutions in LaTeX. (Compiled PDF.)

Math 4707:

Math 4990:

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