Media Informatics Group Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München / Germany

Heiko Drewes - my university web space

My email adress is heiko.drewes at I do not own any internet domain with my name.

My current project: Daisy Vases

Random generation of vases as meshes for 3d printing. The project has its own website:
The old project pages are still available.

My science pages

Here you can find the things you expect from a university home page - list of publications, etc.

Link to my thesis (as pdf) Eye Gaze Tracking for Human Computer Interaction (March 2010).

References to my name on ACM Digital Library

My Fitts' Law page with questions and a lecture.

My art pages

YARA - Yet Another Random Art
Ramdom generated computer graphics (started 2005)

Fractal Spray - Linear Fractals
Interactively generated computer graphics (started 2004 / 1990)

PicMix - Picture Mixer
Random generated distortions of photographies (started 2010)

Leaves in Ice
Photographies of leaves frozen in a lake (2008-2010)

Indian Walls
Photographies of Indian walls (October 2010)

Clay Pieces
Two dozen clay pieces and four more (1992)