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The Daisy Vase Project

The daisy vase project creates vases as 3D objects (mesh) for a 3D printer. A random-based algorithm does the creation. The user decides whether the generated vase is nice or ugly. The philosophy behind this project is the concept of Inspired Creativity.

As 3D printers are still very slow I printed mostly small vases which are good for daisies only. This is where the project name comes from. The daisy vase project focuses only at the form of the vase. It does not consider material, color or paintings (textures).

Here are some early results. Click the vases for an interactive 3D model. (This requires a modern browser, sufficient hardware and enabled WebGL.)

vase1 vase2 vase3 vase4 vase5
vase6 vase7 vase8 vase9 vase10
vase11 vase12 vase13 vase14 vase15
vase16 vase17 vase18 vase19 vase20
vase21 vase22 vase23 vase24 vase25