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PicMix is a program I wrote for myself. It has similarities with YARA, however it does not generate pictures out of nothing but it distorts a given picture.

Here are some examples (the first picture is the given picture):

Have a look at the Pinakothek series.

thumbs/Pinakothek.jpg     thumbs/Pinakothek000031.jpg thumbs/Pinakothek000014.jpg thumbs/Pinakothek000148.jpg thumbs/Pinakothek000109.jpg thumbs/Pinakothek000259.jpg

Have a look at the red backlight series.

thumbs/RedBacklight.jpg     thumbs/RedBacklight000006.jpg thumbs/RedBacklight000035.jpg thumbs/RedBacklight000079.jpg thumbs/RedBacklight000015.jpg thumbs/RedBacklight000039.jpg

Have a look at the my backyard series.

thumbs/Backyard.jpg    thumbs/Backyard000029.jpg thumbs/Backyard000015.jpg thumbs/Backyard000425.jpg thumbs/Backyard000019.jpg thumbs/Backyard000204.jpg