Unpublished notes - Geometry

Don't expect too much from these notes. They were most often written for one specific purpose (such as answering a mathematical question on a newsgroup or a forum) and are anything but well-written. They consist by far not only of new and original results.

The Geometry of the Triangle (and, more generally, Euclidean Geometry) has its place somewhere between Recreational Mathematics and Algebraic Geometry. While it is probably as old as mathematics itself, the Ancient Greeks who studied it did so mostly for its applications. In the 19th Century, however, it resurfaced as a discipline of elementary mathematics interesting mostly for its beauty and mathematical elegance. With the advent of dynamic geometry software and computer algebra systems, it arrived at a new dawn in the 2000s. The renewed interest in Euclidean Geometry can be seen in Clark Kimberling's Encyclopedia of Triangle Centers, in the journal Forum Geometricorum, on Dick Klingens' Geometry pages (Dutch), or in the Yahoo newsgroup "Hyacinthos" (in honor of the 19th Century geometer Emile Michel Hyacinthe Lemoine). More links can be found in the link list.

I have been regularily posting in the "Hyacinthos" and geometry-college newsgroups (starting with 1 Jul 2002) and on the MathLinks forum.

I have set up a Schröder points database for the Schröder points and related problems.

Unpublished notes - Geometry

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