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Yara - Yet Another Random Art

Random Art is not my own invention. I found it in a paper about an image based authentication ([1]). The authors call Michael Witbrock and John Mount as the people who had the idea and refer to Andrej Bauer's Random Art [2] web site.

Because the program I wrote does more or less the same like Andrej's program, I called it Yet Another Random Art.

The program produces a big variety of pictures. Here are some examples of the output:

thumbs/yaracolor000001.jpg thumbs/yaracolor000009.jpg thumbs/yaracolor000052.jpg thumbs/yaracolor000057.jpg thumbs/yaracolor000063.jpg thumbs/yaracolor000090.jpg

Have a look at the color gallery

thumbs/yaragrey000001.jpg thumbs/yaragrey000047.jpg thumbs/yaragrey000028.jpg thumbs/yaragrey000043.jpg thumbs/yaragrey000048.jpg thumbs/yaragrey000050.jpg

or have a look at the grey gallery.


Download the YARA program version 1.0-2 (for WindowsXP or higher, zipped file with executable, help file and examples, 4365 kbyte) (or the previous version 1.0-1 or 1.0-0).

[1] Rachna Dhamija and Adrian Perrig, Déjà Vu: A User Study Using Images for Authentication, SSYM'00 Proceedings of the 9th conference on USENIX Security Symposium - Volume 9 Pages 4 - 4, 2000
[2] Andrej Bauer, Gallery of Random Art