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Windsurfing really is an interesting type of sport! However, since it would require me to do at least some kind of fitness training to be prepared for some hours of surfing, I didn't do much in the last years. With the Edinburgh University Windsurfing and Surfing Club I have been joining a few windsurfing trips, e.g. to the University outdoor centre at Firbush or to Machrihanish (yes, there is a way to pronounce that (even if you are not Scottish). Couple of great guys there.

In July 2006 I spent a week (learning) windsurfing on Fuerteventura, Spain. See below for some pictures.

A picture taken from
Picture taken from

That's NOT me on the last picture (and I'm quite happy about that ...): On the other hand, it is really me on the next picture:

Paul Holleis windsurfing in the UK.
Thanks to Slivia for the nice photo.


A fiew pictures before surfing ...
View from Hotel Sol Gorriones. Rene Egli Surf Center Pro II.
And some during surfing, shortly before being thrown into the water again ...
The adventure begins.. Surfing the waves!. Still surfing the waves. Starting again .... Again surfing the waves.

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