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Sydney (Australia)

The main reason of my stay in Sydney in May 2008 was of course the Pervasive'08 conference, May 19-22. Besides having a full paper presentation, we were co-organising the PERMID'08 workshop.

However, luckily, there was still some time for sightseeing and other fun stuff :-)!

As the picture on the right shows, it was at that time not too difficult for US-citizens to calculate what their US$ was worth in Australian Dollars (AUS$):

1 US$ = 1 AUS$

Some important facts about the conference:

We started with PERMID'08 workhsop, I gave a full paper talk, and Pervasive'09 will be in Japan!

Some highlights of the city:

St. Marys Cathedral (from the Sydney Tower at night), the Sydney skyline (from accross Harbour Bridge), and the opera at night (from the centre of the Harbout Bridge).

Bondi Beach:

Bondi Beach!! It's great for surfers. Even for beginners like me!.

Bronte Beach:

Bronte Beach with nice rock formations is also great for surfing (this not me though :-( ).

Manly Beach:

Manly Beach is also a surfer's paradise.


Chamelions, Nemo and his friends, and other strange creatures.

Cliffs around Watson's Bay::


Wildlife Centre:

Find the 11 animals! Wallabees are easier to spot ... ... and so are Koalas.

Fun Stuff:

The Löwenbräu Keller in Sydney!
Clowns need to eat as well!
(at Luna Park)
Poor animals ...
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