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Gravisto - Graph Visualization Toolkit


Parts of the (modular) Gravisto system has been used in order to implement the creation and manipulation of the state graph in the MAKEIT system.


Gravisto, the Graph Visualization Toolkit is a program used to work with graph data. The project was initiated by Prof. Dr. Franz J. Brandenburg, University of Passau, Chair of Theoretical Computer Science in 2001 as a student practical.

Screeshot of the Gravisto System.

Under the supervision of Dipl.-Inf. Michael Forster and Dipl.-Inf. Andreas Pick, six students - including myself - designed and implemented the graph editor at those times still known as Graffiti. Drawing from the experiences from their former project Graphlet (also a graph editor, written in C) Forster and Pick assured the maintainability and extensibility of Gravisto. It is heavily based on a plug-in concept that allows uncomplicated adding of enhancements and new features.

After one year (two semesters), the student project had finished. The base system had been implemented, several issues were still open and some features not yet implemented, though. Therefore, I dedicated some time in 2003 at the chair of Prof. Brandenburg further developing the system and removing bugs.

Later in 2003, a research group headed by former Passau student Falk Schreiber began using Gravisto and joined in the active development. The group IPK Gatersleben uses graphs as information resources for biological data. They also participated in the Graph Drawing Contest 2003 contributing a plug-in for the Gravisto system.

Current work

Besides maintenance work and bug fixes, most of the current activities concentrate on writing plug-ins that do not concern the core Gravisto system. Examples are algorithms for all sorts of purposes like layout or network flow.

More information can be found on the official Gravisto homepage

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