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Graph Drawing Contest

The most important conference for the graph drawing community is the annual Graph Drawing Conference ( In conjunction with that conference, a contest is held promoting creativity and encouraging young researchers to provide fresh, innovative ideas. The results are presented during the conference dinner, selected works are published and - last but not least - a prize money is offered. This makes even recognized researchers from various fields participate as well.

Thomas Zimmermann and Daniel Gmach, and I participated in the two Graph Drawing Contests held in 2002 and 2003. At both of them, we submitted a winning contribution that can be downloaded in the respective sections below.

We'd like to thank all organizers of the conference and the contest, especially Prof. Dr. Franz J. Brandenburg, University of Passau, who has first of all brought the contest to our attention and then never stopped to give us helpful advice. Remains to mention that we won despite of his decision not to participate in the contest jury ;-)

Graph Drawing Contest 2003

Detailed information can be found in the respective section on the Graph Drawing Conference page.

Our contribution to the Graph Drawing Contest 2003 held in conjunction with the Graph Drawing Conference 2003 can be read here: gdc2003.pdf.

The slightly shortened version that will be submitted to the Journal of Graph Applications and Algorithms can be found here: jgaa.pdf.

Graph Drawing Contest 2002

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