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At the University of Passau, the sports center offered the possibility to play badminton (for free :-) ). Since my second term, I played regularly.

At this time, I had the luck that Falko supervised the training sessions. I learned the fundamentals from him! It is quite amazing that you can even hold the racket in a wrong way ... During his stay at Australia, Alex took over who taught us several more essentials. It had always been great to see those two play. Unfortunately, Alex successfully finished his studies *g* and I continued the training for them for two terms.

In December 2003, I suddenly realized that I am going to follow Alex and finish my studies as well! Fortunately, one cheerful evening Tobias from Munich appeared in one session. He has much experience in playing badminton in several clubs and even in teaching. Thus, next week I asked him to join and get again paid for playing badminton. Since 2004, he is probably the best player at the university and the training is great fun for all who want to learn or play!

Badminton-Tournament 2003

In 2003, I was able to organize a small badminton tournament with the help of the official Sport Centre Administration of the University of Passau. Although there had been an immense financial burden on the players (1 Euro each), numbers of participants were satisfactory. Perhaps this can be repeated and become a tradition as it is already the case with volleyball and soccer.

Unfortunately orginizing such an event, no matter how large, always means much work for a few people...

More information and a few pictures can be found on my Badminton Turnier 2003 Page.


I put several (interesting, at least in some sense ...) photos of the last training session that I could attend in Passau on the Badminton Training 29.01.2004 Page.

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