Tutorial 2

Types, Tasks, Marks and Channels

Again, I have prepared a condensed version of the material taught in HCA. This is about 60 minutes of video and probably only familiar to those who have attended InfoVis. In particular, I cut out all the class discussions, so we can have them ourselves next week instead of listening to somebody else discussing.


Please familiarize yourselves with this material in preparation for the next PMG appointment.

Motion perception in the priphery

For this topic that Jingyi wanted to be discussed, I found the following (medical) original source:

M Fahle, C Wehrhahn: Motion perception in the peripheral visual field (1991)

It is somewhat technical to read and has rather differentiated findings, but I tried to extract the things that matter here in these slides so that we can discuss this in the next appointment.


I will again be available in Zoom to have these discussions, to answer all questions you might have, and will also bring some additional material.