Deceptive UI preparation material

In order to provide the basis for the upcoming topic of deceptive user interfaces, I have cut my recording from last year into smaller pieces and removed the discussion parts which were hard to hear anyway. Let's have our own discussions! Below are the slides and videos.

Lecture slides (PDF)

The last slide shows an image from a movie, and here is an external link to the movie trailer of Ex Machina, in case you have time to spare and fancy an unscientific exploration of the topic.

In sum, the lecture videos below are about 60 minutes, but you can speed up or fast forward. The goal is to have an informed discussion in class on Dec. 17th, not just among us, but also with two external guests who make a living by creating illusions (yet to be finally confirmed): Nicole and Ingo Pawelke.

Video 1: Tricking visual perception (12:18)

Video 2: Tricking haptic perception (18:22)

Video 3: Tricking proprioception (17:23)

Video 4: Tricking cognition and emotions (12:47)