Voice UI preparation material

In order to give you a fundament for the upcoming topic of Voice user interfaces, I have cut my recording from last year into smaller pieces, added the original links to external videos, and removed the discussion parts which were hard to understand anyway. Let's have our own discussions! Below are the slides and videos.

Lecture slides (PDF)

Lecture part 1: History of VUI (27:55)

External video 1: Watson winning Jeopardy (10:14)

Lecture part 2: Basic concepts in NLP (20:43)

Lecture part 3: Modern voice assistants (10:42)

Lecture part 4: Design of VUI (11:42)

External video 2: Soul machines (3:35)

In sum, that's almost 90 minutes of video, but if you feel you already know what's presented, feel free to skip or fast forward. The goal is to have an informed discussion in class on Nov. 26th, not just among us, but also with two external guests: Ben Cowan and Markus Funk.