SELinux on SUSE is dead!

A while ago SUSE announced that they will not support SELinux in their SUSE products. I had hoped that SELinux patches would eventually get merged into SUSE, because otherwise it is just too much work to maintain the various packages which need SELinux modifications. Because this merging will not happen I am currently focussing my energy on Ubuntu. If you came here because you want to have SELinux support in your distro, please consider switching to another distribution which supports SELinux (like Fedora, Gentoo, Debian or Ubuntu). I will not continue working on the packages here and most likely won't answer your questions regarding SELinux on SUSE. The rest of the page is more of a historical reference.

Historical section

These packages add SELinux support to a normal SuSE 10.0 install. These packages are used in a production environment, so they should mostly work. You should still note that not everything is tested and that installation requires a fair amount of SELinux knowledge (eg. no policy rpm is provided). You might also want to look at the SELinux packages for SuSE by Paul Dwerryhouse

Needed config changes

I'd like to hear about any problems, suggestions, ...!

RPM-packages for SuSE 10.0 - corresponding source packages

History section - older packages

RPM-packages for SuSE 9.3 (incomplete) - corresponding source packages

RPM-packages for SuSE 9.2 - corresponding source packages

RPM-packages for SuSE 9.0 - corresponding source packages

SuSE 9.1 stuff - currently just pam (note: you may be able to just recompile some of the 9.0 packages)

My SELinux pages